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Chips are the most popular variety of snacks on various occasions. Besides being salty,spicy or flavored, consumer preference is always for fresh quality. Potato and banana chipsare popular processed food items resulting in substantial value-addition.

Potato Powder is one of the oldest commercially processed vegetable products. It is very widely used in the baking industry all over Europe, USA, far Eastern countries and Middle East, although its growth has not kept pace with other processed products of potato. In India it is used in baking industry and as a thickening agent in the soups.

Chips are the most commonly consumed first generation snack foods. They are used as snack food both in domestic as well as in fast food centres and restaurants as side dish and garnishers. Moreover, the product can be safely stored for upto six months without any change in quality.

Market Opportunities

There exists a very large market for chips and they can be sold at various retail outlets, paan

shops, bus-stands, railway stations, roadside eateries, etc. There also exists institutional

market consisting of clubs and other institutions, school & college canteens, army

establishments, bars & pubs, railway and airlines caterers, etc.

Competition from organised sector is increasing but local and small units have distinct

advantages in terms of less overheads and transportation costs, longer shelf life, quick

access to market and cost.

Technical Details:

The manufacturing process using potato powder is briefly summarized below:

– Potato powder of suitable fineness is mixed with various ingredients,

– This powder is cooked and extruded into sheet.

– Products are sheeted, rotary cut and fried.

– Uniform size shapes are die-cut from extruded sheet where low pressure extrusion provides a variety of shape with consistent density and continuous operation.

– Controlled temperature continuous frying is done to get uniform quality and golden yellow

appearance with consistent Crispy taste.

– Automatic packaging in Nitrogen filled moisture proof boxes or in colorful Multilayer Plastic film Pouches for longer shelf life.

– Packing of Pouches and boxes in Cartons for Marketing.

Another technique used for production of fabricated potato chips is thru using farm fresh potatoes, the process of which is briefly summarized below:

– As per the company norms the potatoes bought from farm are made to pass thru a quality test.

– The potatoes are then passed thru a conveyor where they are de-stoned and then peeled.

– The peeled potatoes are then washed with cold water.

– A slicer then cuts the potatoes into thin slices. The slices are again washed in cold water in order to purge any released starch content.

– The slices are then passed thru a chemical solution in order to augment its colour if required.

– The slices are then fried and salted, and passed through a conveyor belt so as to drain excess oil.The chips are then cooled and sorted.


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Potato Chips Plant Project

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