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If you are looking for Western Classical Music Classes for Music in Bangalore,your Best choice is HUmandstrum Music school. We have various courses, taught by a dedicated faculty who are passionate about setting you on the path to proficiency. You will learn in a friendly and supportive environment and discover the joy of music.Our approach is designed to build your confidence and help you develop the skills to become a musician, while having a good time.

Benefits of learning –

* Learning Indian classical music teaches you about precision, each rhythm in its place where it has to be, every note, not a frequency here or there.
* When you opt to learn Western or Indian classical music, you give yourself the opportunity to strengthen and stabilizes your voice – something very crucial for singing
* Among the most important benefits that you can experience from learning WCM and ICM are that you instill self-discipline, it helps you calm down and makes you understand different forms of music quite easily.
* Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, learning Indo and Western classical music can help you become a professional singer and enjoy a fruitful career in the field of professional music.

Contact us:

Brookefield Center
2nd Floor of Patanjali Megastore Building,
AECS Layout, Brookefield,Bengaluru - 56003​7
Mobile: +91 9739039928 / +91 9620751390
Email : info@humandstrummusicschool.in
Website: http://www.humandstrummusicschool.in


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Western/Classical Music Classes in Bangalore