Glutax 5GS Micro 5000MG Ultra Whitening

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Description Of Glutax 5gs Micro 5000mg Cellular Ultra Whitening:

Glutax 5gs micro 5000 mg cellular ultra whitening booster is an upgraded version, made by adding more vitamin that aids in beautifying the skin. This is an improved version of a Glutax vitamin injection whereas lots of vitamins & minerals have been added to the product for the purpose of making the skin healthy and radiant. This product is specifically formulated to keep on natural growth of skin cells and secretion of enzymes intact so that consumers are always safe from mere problems like dark patches, uneven skin, wrinkles, pimples and hyper pigmentation etc. This product is an overall solution for any types of damage to the skin cells. Apart from making the skin fairer and radiant, it also adorn collagen content of the body that holds two layers of tissues together. Glutax 5GS Micro Cellular Ultra Whitening Also Aids In Anti-Ageing By Reducing Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Dead Cells Etc And Providing Warmth And Youthful Radiance To Your Face. This is an improved version of a Glutax Vitamin Injection whereas lots of vitamins have been added to the product for the purpose of making your skin Healthy and pretty.

Now, a fairer and whiter, pimple and acne free complexion can be yours! Your beauty is in your hands do not wait more, feel and see the difference in less than 4 weeks. This product consists of vitamins designed to repair skin cells and increase skin nutrients throughout our bodies we are in this product. It additionally contains 6 ampoules, different from Glutax 3g and Glutax 5g with 5 ampoules inside. A smoother, clearer, flawless, younger, and whiter skin within, from inside-out Whiten the skin faster and faster, glutathione content of the highest in the market Glutax 5gs Micro is considered as one of the paramount skin whitening injections available to common people. Its ingredients include ascorbic acid 2000 mg, alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg, Collagen extract 400 mg, Vitamin E 300 mg, Vitamin B3 250 mg, Vitamin B5 100 mg highest, glutathione 5000 mg which makes it more powerful and provides faster result. The other ingredients promote the activity of glutathione, thereby enhancing the efficiency of glutathione. Moreover it contains strong anti-oxidant and anti-ageing ingredients namely Glutathione and Vitamin C that helps in whitening skin tone. Glutathione is a strong, naturally found anti-oxidant that removes free radicals and harmful waste from the body revealing clear, white and shiny skin from underneath. Glutathione decreases tyrosine which is responsible for the production of melanin. It also has anti-ageing properties that work towards decreasing all signs of ageing.

Benefits Of Glutax 5gs Micro 5000mg Cellular Ultra Whitening:

Improves energy level
Large removal of toxins
Inhibits the creation of acne/blemish/pimple
Reduces facial pores & improves skin complexion making it visibly light


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Glutax 5GS Micro 5000MG Ultra Whitening