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Why gold is embedded in Tanjore Paintings?

There are two primary reasons for which the gold foils got embedded into the Tanjore paintings:

The Gold foil naturally glitters and grasps in attraction to the buyer.

The embedding of gold foil into the artwork assures longevity and hence brings in a valid reason to spend over the art.

How Gold Foil Originality is tested in Tanjore Paintings?

Today, almost 80% of the Tanjore painting sold in the market comes out with artificial gold foil at a minimal price this eventually decimates the premium quality of Tanjore paintings and lowers its fame.

We being the prominent player in the industry sells high-quality and authenticated artworks that hold 100% Geographical indication tags stating its purity.

A group of our scientist researched the golden foils in sensing their originality using Energy Dispersive X-ray and found only 20% of them are real. Hence these real gold foils are geo-tagged, and we sell only premium quality Tanjore paintings. You got landed at the right place if you are surfing for the affordable Thanjavur Paintings in Chennai.

What kind of stones were used in Tanjore Paintings?

Tanjore painting works are known for their supreme quality, and hence they include premium supporting art materials in it to magnify its majesty. In that sequence, the well-established Jaipur Kundan stones got embedded in the work of creating ethnic Tanjore arts. We provide scintillating Thanjavur arts in Chennai which is combined with glittering stones that multiply the beauty of the work.



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Buy Tanjore Arts Online - Ethnic Tanjore Arts