Top 5 Effective Techniques For Employee Engagement

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Usually, employee engagement is equated with kicking away work blues. But this is a short-sighted definition. If employees are happy to report to work, then does it mean they are effectively engaged? Not really. When employees are deeply connected with the goals and objectives of their organization and are willing to undertake the initiative to deliver more than the allocated job responsibilities; it is then that employees are truly engaged.

No wonder then that Kevin Kruse from defines employee engagement as “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.”

In a city like Delhi, where the weather is extreme and stress levels are high, organizations need to think of a micro-level rather than simply focusing on the macro happiness quotient.

So without any further ado, let’s get into the top five ways for effective employee engagement.

1. Profess and Practice Transparency

It’s always advantageous if the management is transparent with its employees with respect to overall goals, targets, and expectations. Ambiguity and an opaque approach lead to speculation and rumor-mongering. The employee focus is mostly on getting to know what they are unaware of, leading to disengagement.

2. Appreciate and Reward

A note of appreciation; thunderous applause or a bouquet goes a long way in taking an employee to cloud nine. This does not mean that financial incentives are less essential. But an immediate appreciation definitely cements employee engagement. A manager taking cognizance of every employee effort surely encourages the workforce to push their work potential.

3. Being creative in tough situations

Many times tough tasks require creative ideas. For instance, if a sales meeting is all set to be a fiery affair, then shifting the venue to a quiet coffee café can liven up spirits and give out of box ideas to employees. Sometimes ambiance can soothe frayed tempers and tired nerves. This is all the more possible in a city like Delhi which has food joints and quirky café’s dotted all over.

4. Mentor and empower

It is crucial for a new workforce to be properly mentored. Be it organizational goals or the finer nuances of daily functioning; mentoring reduces attrition and develops employee engagement. However, merely mentoring is not sufficient. It is also vital to empower the workforce to function independently.

5. Social Bonding

Social bonding is important especially for the GEN Y workforce. Monthly family picnics, movie outings, and luncheons even if it’s going Dutch; is definitely a big plus. Such events create social and family bonds, inculcate camaraderie, bonhomie, and firm up employee engagement.

So, all the managers out there should definitely try these great tips to engage your employees for years to come.


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Top 5 Effective Techniques For Employee Engagement