Effective Internal Communication leads to Employee Engagement

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Have you quite often wondered how few organizations are masters of effective employee engagement, while a few others find it difficult to maintain the same levels? Well, the secret lies in ineffective internal communication. Now that employee engagement is the buzzword, organizations do keep on coming up with various activities and plans. But a consistent internal communication plan is the ever-important ingredient.

Internal Communication, translates to the exchange of information amongst members of an organization; across all levels and organizational units.

When information travels down the hierarchy to the lowest level and the employee feedback moves back up the same hierarchy, it is Vertical communication.

On the other hand, Horizontal or Lateral communication is information exchange amongst employees of the same hierarchy in an organization.

Effective Internal Communication can

Increase Productivity
Build a better workplace, stronger teams
Enhance organizational competitiveness
Reduce day-to-day team conflicts
Increase financial returns and enhance overall profitability.
So what can be the various tools employed for internal communication?

Internal Newsletters
Project Reports and evaluation feedback.
Group Emails
Employee Resource Groups
Organizational App or online forum for feedback
Informal meets
Town Halls
Leadership Communication

Developing and Managing employee tool kits like
Detailed policies and procedures
Legal or compliance information
‘How to’ information for common business processes
Organizational information – about the business, brand, products/services, positioning and more

There cannot be a sacrosanct list of what an organization needs to do. Naturally, the strategy and vision of a customer service organization would be different from that of a production unit.

The bottom line is the keep transparent and updated communication channels with all employees such that there is no room for discontentment or disgruntlement. Be it a project, appraisal, crisis or a reward; an organization that shares information equally with all clearly score an advantage. Each employee has the opportunity to access information definitely feels a level playing field.

Today, when employee engagement and experience are being increasingly recognized as a vital contributor to bottom line profits, the importance of internal communication increases more than ever.



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Effective Internal Communication leads to Employee Engagement

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