By investing at Swastik Farms you will get a profit in Sandalwood in India.




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Swastik Farms is a company, that wants to build a greater environment for our future mankind through planting teak trees and sandalwood in India by investing a small amount.
Around the world, the oil that comes from white Sandalwood (Sri Gandham) has a similar price to gold.
Since the sandalwood is the king of spice, thus the demand is high.
The plant starts yielding between 12th to 15th year of it's lifetime.
Today sandalwood is widely used and indispensable.
Ointments, perfumes, soaps, preservatives products, ayurvedic remedies and wood for the manufacture of toys and God statues and many more are making with sandalwood.
It is also used widely in medical field such as Aroma Therapy, Cosmetics and Heart, Lungs, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Preparation of gastrointestinal tract, kidney, stomach inflammation, colds etc.
At present, the price of sandalwood ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 24,000.
Indian sandalwood is high on demand through worldwide.
186 countries are based on the importation of sandalwood, per annum in the world, just 2000 metric tonnes sandalwood only is produced but 7000 metric tonnes is on demand.
Swastik Farms sandalwood has started cultivating these uses.
To benefit customers, we give a 1 kg with a 15-year duration of sandalwood exchange contract bond for just Rs 2,499/- (current market price Avg is Rs 17,000 per kg.)
In addition to the Resale facilities, you can also have a Nominee.
According to analysis of the intellectuals, it is estimated that there may be
Rs 30,00 to Rs 35,000 per kg in the 15th year, so you get a 12 times profit.
An additional on “Referral Bonus” income can be obtained too.


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By investing at Swastik Farms you will get a profit in Sandalwood in India.