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Sometimes these infections are very painful and make chewing food difficult. Some of the important effects of cavities are –
Loss of school time/ Inability to focus at school - Due to pain, children miss school and often have difficulty concentrating in school
Disruption of jaw growth - Whenever there is active infection in a growing child, the part that is actively growing is affected due to the infection. Dental infections in actively growing children can cause disruption of jaw growth and lead to facial asymmetry which becomes obvious once the child reaches his teens
 Disruption of general body growth - In growing children, food is an important aspect of growth. Even the most nutritious food is not properly digested and absorbed if the child cannot “chew” and consume the food. Cavities make chewing painful and therefore children prefer to swallow food with minimal chewing!
Poor general Health – Oral Health is the gateway to the overall Health. A healthy body begins with a healthy mouth. Often children with untreated dental infection, cavities and gum disease have more frequent cough, colds, stomach infections.
Irregular Permanent Teeth – It is seen that children that have cavities in the milk teeth and lose milk teeth early, tend to have irregular permanent teeth which later needs correction with braces
Speech Issues - Children who lose front teeth early develop speech problems and are unable to pronounce certain words clearly
Poor self-confidence– Children who lose teeth early often tend to be shy and timid when they are with other children of similar age group.


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Kids Dentist near me

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