Bird Watching And Crocodile Boat Trip

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Boat trips are always fun especially when you go for a safari to watch out different species of animals and birds. Explore Goa by taking a trip in the backwaters of the Cambarjua Canal. Here you will not only see crocodiles but a diverse variety of birds which will not be visible along the seaside or beaches of Goa. Bird watching and the crocodile boat trip is a perfect family outing who loves to spend time in the lap of nature. Safari is an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat. The word safari is originally from Arabic which means journey. This crocodile safari and bird safari will make you fall in love with Goa more. This Boat trip is of two and a half hour and meeting point will be Old Goa Jetty from where we will be transported to Cortalim Jetty in the south via boat. Later the boat will take you upward through the Zuari river to Cambarjua canal. Zuari river, being 92 kilometers long is considered as the largest river in the state of Goa where you could see different wildlife and marine life. Cambarjua canal connects the Zuari river along with the Mandovi river. Here you will see fisherman doing various activities as you cruise down the canal. Apart from this, you will find a line of mangroves on the banks of the Cambarjua canal. This area is considered to be the home for a variety of fish, mollusk, and crabs. The wood of mangroves is ideal for fuel and the building, thereby is not prone to rotting.


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