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U-Pack is your one-stop online packaging boxes supply store for everything packaging with nationwide shipping on corrugated boxes, rolls, cartons boxes, packaging tape, dispensers, sheet paper, bubble wraps and more. Whether you are running an online store that needs an ongoing e-commerce.
Your Brand, our Box. Here are some great reasons to custom print your boxes
Build Your Brand with Packaging
Send a powerful branding message to your customers with U-Pack’s custom printed boxes. Your brand logo on the side of a box makes a greater impression than when they see your logo on magazine, billboard or a web-page banner. The person seeing your logo is holding it in his or her hand!
Say goodbye to the plain, boring brown boxes and hello to beautiful custom printed boxes. A custom printed box clearly makes an impact on the customer. It’s unique and the customer immediately identifies with your brand and increases your customer’s view of your trust and professionalism.
Environmentally Friendly
Custom printed boxes provide you an opportunity to convey that your corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable and that your company is environmentally friendly. At U-Pack all custom printed boxes are 100% recyclable. Doing this will build brand image and customer loyalty.
Convey Information
A custom printed box can convey a multitude of information about your company and the product inside: Contents, parts lists, warnings, UPC’s, usage instructions, product weight, etc. We all know that the more we know about a product, the more likely we are to buy it again from the same source. Printing your product’s information on the box allows customers to understand more, and helps increase customer retention and loyalty.
Printing your website URL, Bar codes, and QR codes helps your customers find more information about your product and your company. U-Pack will print a high quality QR or Bar code that can be scanned using a Smartphone for your customers to use! Remember, branding benefits both supplier and customers. It is a win-win! If you’ve got any questions on further benefits of custom printed shipping boxes, please feel free to contact us at or directly upload your artwork at the product page and order the right shipping boxes for your business.


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Custom Printed Boxes at U-Pack

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